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  • Shipments outside the UK, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland will not be shipped due to COVID Delivery Restrictions
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Based on 2591 reviews
Nothing received..

Haven’t received anything so far.. waiting for 1,5 months now

Best taste

Tastes are very accurate

Good product but

I got a pair of empty pills


Good taste, and keeps the energy up

Nice pump and focus

I have used the pre workout for approx. 1,5 weeks now and compared to other boosters (with caffeine) this booster doesnt give me the tickeling sensation, which I get from another booster with caff. The booster (combined with 420) gives me an unreal focus, seriously, if some hottie walks by, idgaf, since I am so focused with my own world. I am consuming the booster approx. 20 before going to the gym and once I do my first set, it normally starts working right away. Also no complaints with sleeping, even taking the booster in the afternoon (16:00).

If you are looking for a non stim booster, you should give it a try


Really good, and fast shipping. Worth the money


This product is the best intra I have ever tried. It really keeps me energized during my training and I feel mentally active & positive while I use it. Its a little powdery so if it sits for a long time the powder will come to the bottom of your shaker. The flavor Orange Sherbet tastes just like orange ice cream so it's very good. I really recommend this if you are getting hungry and tired during training, this will keep you feeling great.



Never received it

It's been two weeks and I'm still waiting I reached out to your customer service but they haven't been helpful what so ever in all honesty the whole service has been very unsatisfactory and disappointing

Good product

Best creatine i‘ve had till now.
Compared with esn or MP


Im here thanks to Jo Lindner and he is 100% right the taste is unbelievable is so nice and so many choices and of course they work thanks BRAZER


Perfect during training to keep it fresh and juicy 😜

Pre 👍🏻

Good product ,


The product itself is working fine and tastes a lot better than most stimulant free PWOs. Only flaw I had was that the package was actually open when it arrived (the protection under the plastic top) so the powder wasn't very fine anymore and it had a lot of lumps.


The taste of this EAA supplement is amazing! I tried cherry lemonade and it tastes just like that. It also keeps me more energized while training.

Great pump, just a little too much coffeine in 2 scoops for my liking, orherwise great energy and taste!

Decent product

I have to take two scoops before workouts in order to really feel a pump which makes the product not last as long.
However, it tastes nice and there is a pump to it. So, good product!

Does not work for me

I took this product for 3 weeks and I have not seen any difference .
There is no difference in libido or in strength for training.
I'm sad to say I wasted my money

Top product

Does give me a super WO

Works Well!

I take the electrolytes in every workout in combination with EAAS and creatine. During the training, I hardly have any signs of fatigue and am still on a high performance level until the end of the training. Because of the sodium, you sweat a lot more.

Works Well!

Taste is amazing! Orange Sherbet is dope!


Works well, tastes amazing

Very good

It really helps to digest those carbs, no bloated stomach anymore

Great full spectrum aminos and the added electrolytes and high quality carbs (that dont spike insulin if i recall correctly?) Really help me push through heavy compound days.
A little gritty and maybe a little "starchy" taste but not an issue at all for me personally.
Used to be a bit expensive to get from Euro retail but certainly worth it since the official euro site went online, making it much cheaper dose per dose!

Good quality products

Never used creatine before as it has a bad rep but I cannot say the same for this product it is working very well for me I must say it is good quality creatine