We call this program the Primeval Alliance because that is exactly what this is! Community is at the forefront of our program, lifting each other up and collaborating with like-minded people to build up others around us. Are you someone that is devoted to changing the lives of others and making a positive impact on your local community? Do you desire to grow or maybe even work in this immensely expanding industry? Once a part of the Alliance, you are part of the Primeval FAMILY. We believe hard work pays off, so you can even earn your way to becoming a full-time athlete or member of the Primeval team! To be successful, you will need to be hard working, passionate, motivated, and knowledgeable. Together, we can be a positive ALLIANCE, building up others in our journey.

  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2

(0 to 9) Points Per Month

  • 10% commission from day one!
  • 10% off code to use for marketing
  • Unique URL to use for marketing
  • 25% off to use for your own personal use
  • Access to the exclusive Alliance Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Primeval Labs exclusive Alliance shirt with first order
  • Access to exclusive merchandise nobody else can get!

10+ Points Per Month (2+ Consecutive Months)

  • All the same benefits of Level 1… plus:
  • UPGRADED Commissions to 15%
  • Earn Commissions on Approved Retailer Sales/Connections
  • Ability to represent Primeval Labs at events and expos
  • Automatically ensure your spot as an Alliance Level 2 forever (as long as you are active)
  • Ability to be featured on our pages and become known by our community
  • Become eligible for an INVITE to become a Primeval sponsored athlete or full-time member of our team.

INVITE ONLY! - Sponsored Athlete

Become a sponsored athlete or full-time employee of the brand.  It takes hard work and dedication to make it to this level.  If you have the work ethic it takes to make it to this level, you certainly deserve a permanent spot in this great industry!